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    How to Convince Your Boss to Buy You a New Office Chair
    By Rachel Howe on Thursday, March 15, 2018

    So your office chair is getting old and raggedy or just completely falling apart and its time for an upgrade. How do you convince your boss to let you get a new office chair? Straight up asking could work, but there is always a risk with that when you go in with no ammo. Before you go in with guns blazing, let's take a step back for a second and think about some other approaches to this you can take to help you seal the deal.

    Emphasize Ergonomics

    There's no question that an improperly function chair or using one that doesn't fit your needs is bad for your overall health. Proper ergonomics plays a real part in the workplace and our guide on how to choose the best ergonomic office chair is a great resource to check out before you select your chair. You can even share this resource with your boss. If this works successfully, you can start browsing our selection of ergonomic chairs to find your perfect, healthier fit.

    Provide Them With Options

    Don't just go into your boss's office asking for a $500 - $1,000 chair with no reasoning other than your chair is falling apart and you want a fancy new one. You need a strategy with some leverage to get an office chair of this magnitude, which can be easily done by doing a little bit of homework.

    Chances are, you don't know what kind of budget your boss has allotted for miscellaneous office expenses like office chairs, so its probably a good idea for you to provide them with a few chair options that fit your body type in several price points. That way, you'll already come prepared with a few options of chairs that would work for you and varying prices that could work in their budget.

    A good way to go about it is to provide a good, better, and best option. That way, depending on their budget, you have a chair selected that covers the low, middle, and high end. If price is the main limiting issue, we have a selection of high-quality chairs that are currently on sale. Check out our discounted office chairs to find your perfect fit at a cheaper rate.

    Good luck with convincing your boss to buy you a new office chair! If you need a little inspiration or are already ready to start shopping, you can start to take a look at our selection of office chairs here.

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