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    What Should I look for When Buying an Office Chair Online?
    By Rachel Howe on Thursday, March 08, 2018

    Shopping online can be a great convenience, although it can come with some potential drawbacks. One obvious one being you can't physically see what you're buying (unless you use something like our virtual visit feature), but there are some basic things you may simply forget about because you're shopping from the comfort of your own desk. Check out our tips below!

    Ask Questions by Live Demo or Using Live Chat

    Ah...the advent of the internet has brought great features to websites such as live product demos and live chat :) These two features are great for online shoppers to take advantage of. You no longer have to get out of your house or office to order furniture or most other things. With features like the live product demos that we offer on our site, you can literally see the product demoed live for you to take a better look at it and ask questions with our furniture consultants in real time.

    Bulk Order Discounts

    Whether you're purchasing in a store or shopping online, bulk order discounts are typically available. Don't forget when you're shopping online to ask about bulk discounts. Sometimes this isn't spelled out on the website, so its in your best interest to ask just to make sure!

    Shipping and Freight Costs

    When you purchase something online or even in store, you may have to end up paying shipping and freight costs. At, we offer free shipping on all products, however, there are freight costs associated to shipping products as well. This varies company to company, so make sure you check when you are purchasing and factor that into the cost of the item.

    Warranties and Guarantees

    Since no one is there to tell you in person about the product guarantees and warranty, make sure you do your due diligence and check what the guarantee and warranty limitations are when you're purchasing your items. At, we offer up a nine year guarantee to our customers. Every company is different, so make sure to cross your t's and dot your i's :)

    Have any other questions that I didn't address in regards to shopping for office chairs online? Leave a comment below and we'll be sure to answer it.

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